Inside Passage Waters Program

From the headwaters of our transboundary rivers to the estuaries of the Inside Passage, clean water unifies our region and nurtures the salmon that power our communities. 

Southeast Alaska is as much water as it is land.  Here, the interconnected web of the Inside Passage is home to lush wild salmon rivers and immense watersheds that feed the trees of the Tongass and the oceans of the world.  It is a place teeming with biodiversity - from whales and moose, to eagles and bears, to salmon and communities.

There is wisdom here too, connection, balance, and resilience - lessons learned through millennia of change and adaptation.  Yet, balance is becoming more difficult in a world of rapid change and large-scale resource extraction.  

Our Inside Passage Waters Program supports Southeast Alaskan communities in having a strong voice, developing solutions for managing, protecting, and benefiting from local waterways, and learning from local knowledge about what works for maintaining balance in this place. 

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